Easy Angel Food Mug Cake

Do you ever want something sweet but don’t want to bake a whole cake or tray of cookies? If so, then this microwave mug cake recipe is about to become your best friend.


This recipe is insanely easy and delicious. And it’s a perfect single-serving portion! Of course, I won’t judge you if you choose to make more than one. These little cakes are addicting! They are also low in calories because angel food cake has so much air in it. To make this single-serving cake, you will need:

1 16 oz box of angel food cake mix

1 16 oz box of cake mix (any flavor)

Dump the two boxes of cake mix into a gallon-sized plastic bag or plastic container. Use a spoon to stir the mixes together. Then on the container, write 3 Tbs Cake Mix + 2 Tbs Water. This way, you won’t forget the measurements. And that’s it! This mix will make a ton of mug cakes before it runs out. I’ve had mine stored in a kitchen cupboard for over a year and it still hasn’t spoiled.Whenever you feel like making a single serving of cake, stir three tablespoons of the mix with two tablespoons of water in a coffee mug. Microwave for one minute. You will have a delicious, spongy, low calorie dessert!

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How to Make Homemade Chicken Broth for FREE


This weekend I finally had time to try making homemade chicken broth. Not only did it turn out to be delicious, but I made it almost for free! The trick is that I only used food scraps that I would have thrown out. I used:

1 rotisserie chicken carcass

Carrot peels (washed)

Celery trimmings (washed)




Onion peels, garlic peels, and potato peels could also be added. Basically, you can use any food scraps as long as they are clean, edible, and haven’t spoiled. (Note: Make sure to wash whatever you throw in the pot because you don’t want dirt getting into your food). Some people have a bag that they use to save their scraps and store them in the freezer until they make broth. Personally, I find it easier to wash, cut, and peel all of my vegetables at one time and just throw the scraps into the pot as I go. This way, I am cooking with fresh scraps and I have containers full of ready-to-eat carrots and celery sticks that I can grab at lunch time.

Instructions: Throw all ingredients into a pot and fill with water until the water is an inch above the food scraps. Make sure to use the largest pot you have so that there is room for the water to boil. My pot was so full that the broth ended up boiling over onto the stove. Bring everything to a boil then reduce to a simmer. Add some salt and stir. Then let the broth simmer for a minimum of four hours. When it’s done simmering, drain the broth and store it in the refrigerator. I drained it by putting a colander over another large pot and then transferred the broth into containers. Some fat particles were left in the broth. I don’t mind them but if you want your broth to be completely smooth, you can use cheesecloth to drain it instead of a colander.

That’s it! Chicken broth is so easy to make at home and so much cheaper than store bought chicken broth. I also think it tastes a lot better and I like that it’s fresh. This recipe yielded a lot more broth than I thought it would, about four liters worth. I plan to use the broth in homemade chicken noodle soup, Spanish rice, and egg drop soup.