Beauty Treatment with Coffee Grounds


Beauty treatments and products can get really expensive. Between things like makeup, lotions, waxing, perfumes, and manicures, the average woman will spend $15,000 on beauty products in her lifetime. Ouch. However, I have managed to find one beauty product that is completely free because most people throw it in the trash every morning…Used coffee grounds. I had read that coffee grounds can exfoliate dead skin, remove cellulite, and give your skin a healthy looking glow. So I immediately dumped the used grounds from my coffee maker into a Ziploc bag, hopped into the shower, and rubbed it all over my skin. The grounds were dark and gritty, it felt like I was rubbing potting soil on myself. Yuck. I decided to leave this new beauty treatment on for twenty minutes so that my skin could soak up the benefits. After about ten minutes, my skin started to feel warm and tingly, presumably from the caffeine. I had read that coffee grounds remove fat and cellulite by improving circulation so that skin appears firmer. I took the tingling feeling as a sign that it was working.

After twenty minutes, I washed the grounds off. I noticed right away that my skin felt incredibly soft and smooth. I had shaved with the coffee grounds still on my skin and gotten the closest shave ever. My skin was also flushed from the extra blood flow but appeared normally pigmented again after a few minutes. My skin looked firmer and felt softer after just one treatment. It was wonderful! Definitely something that I will continue doing. As it turns out, there are other ways that coffee grounds can be used as a beauty treatment:

Facial scrub – Putting coffee grounds on your face can help tighten your pores and reduce puffiness under your eyes. Mix the grounds with coconut oil for a refreshing facial that will leave your skin super soft.

Hair treatment – Putting coffee grounds in your hair will exfoliate your scalp and make your hair shiny and soft. It will also help remove product and oil build up from your hair. Mix 1 tablespoon with your conditioner to reap these benefits. However, do not do this if you have bleached hair because the coffee might darken it.

I loved finding a beauty treatment and was easy to do and free. My skin feels so great after using coffee grounds. I will definitely be using the facial scrub and hair treatment next.

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Honey Face Wash


A few months ago, I started washing my face with honey. Just plain, raw honey. It might sound crazy but I found the idea when I was searching for natural, easy acne remedies. I was so sick of spending a fortune on chemical-filled face washes that didn’t work and that dried out my skin. Some people raved about raw honey like it was a miracle face wash so I had to give it a try.

The first time I used honey on my face, it felt really strange. I was used to cleansers that spread smoothly onto my skin and foamed up when I rubbed them in. Honey, obviously, felt sticky, goopy, and not at all like it was cleaning my face. I had to dilute it with some water so I could rub it around more easily. However, when I rinsed and dried my face, I realized that it actually felt clean. And soft. By contrast, regular facial cleansers had left my face feeling so dry that it would actually crack and bleed in the cold winter months. I would load my skin up with moisturizer before applying make-up every morning, which only served to clog my pores and make me break out even more. After a few days of washing my face with honey, I no longer had to use any moisturizer on my face and my skin felt softer than ever. I experimented with how often to clean my face using this new treatment. I found that washing my face once a day made it feel oily and more than twice a day made it feel dry. Now I wash my face when I wake up in the morning and at night before I go to bed. This way my skin feels clean without being stripped of necessary oils.

It is important that you use raw honey, not regular honey sold in stores. Regular honey has been pasteurized, heated at a high temperature to kill bacteria. However, this high heat also removes many of the honey’s nutrients and anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, you should only wash your face with raw honey if you want your skin to benefit from it. Raw honey can be purchased at farmers’ markets and even in grocery stores. Just be sure to check that the label says raw honey. This honey will contain crystals because it has not been processed. These crystals are perfect for exfoliating skin! And the anti-bacterial properties in raw honey will help prevent acne.

Raw honey is not the miracle cure for acne that I had been hoping for. However, I am breaking out less than when I was using chemical-filled, ‘acne fighting’ cleansers. Previously, my skin felt terribly dry as well as oily from all the moisturizer I was using. Now it just feels soft. I have gotten used to spreading plain honey on my face and no longer dilute it with water. I love that raw honey is all natural and that I am not putting any harmful chemicals on my face. I would recommend that everyone try this natural, easy alternative to skin care.

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